Over 20 years of beekeeping experience

About Us

Cedarwood Honey is a family-run beekeeping operation that brings over 20 years worth of beekeeping experience to the Harriston area.  Our business focus is to provide 100% local Ontario honey to our customers.


As a commercial beekeeping operation we have over 300 hives spread over 20 bee yards in the surrounding area.  Having our hives in close proximity to our headquarters allows us to constantly assess the state of our hives and make management changes as necessary.

At Cedarwood Honey we strive to make improvements to our management, equipment, processing, and marketing.  Each year we tackle a new project that will get us closer to our business goal of running 500 hives.  Of those 500 hives our plan is to dedicate the majority to honey production and the remaining hives to pollination.

A wonderful byproduct of honey production is beeswax.  Processing wax in bulk and smaller craft sizes allows us to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

In addition to honey and wax production, Cedarwood Honey also pollinates a variety of crops in Ontario (apples, pears, lavender, melons, berries, canola, and buckwheat).



Ontario Beekeeping Association (OBA) member

Taste Real member

Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) member

Elora Farmers' Market vendor

Harriston Farmers' Market Vendor